A Legacy of fine taste... from generations

In India, tea is more than just another beverage. It’s a tradition. It’s a spiritual connection that binds the young, old, rich and poor alike. Tea is a symbolism of our culture’s deep-rooted values, of family and friends. CHAI, is a way of life. At Jivraj we take immense pride in bringing people together by keeping this tradition alive and exciting!

Since inception, we have been spreading smiles all around the globe by delivering tea of exceptional quality. Our experience of 83 long and fruitful years in sourcing, tasting and packaging reflects in every sip of Jivraj tea you take. Our rich taste and mesmerizing aroma have given us millions of patrons beyond the Indian shores and it’s our motto of “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” that has resonated with our customers earning us their love and loyalty.From the ingredients we pick to the way it’s made, we have always focused on keeping the inside top notch- pure, healthy and of the best quality. Our relentless efforts on these lines have allowed us to offer a range of teas that are not only distinct, but as fresh and pure it can be.

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